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Bed and Breakfast Inns in The Berkshires

When you travel to the Berkshires, you’re likely expecting to connect with nature, take in the local arts culture, and overall enjoy your time relaxing and unwinding in a laid-back setting. 

Choosing the right accommodations in the Berkshires can enhance this experience even more. Read on to learn about what to look for in a unique bed and breakfast in the Berkshires along with things to do in North Adams during your stay.

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Bed And Breakfast: A Berkshires Specialty

What makes Berkshires inns so special? Well, there are a few reasons.

These are just a handful of the things you should look for in a B&B in the Berkshires to make your stay that much more memorable:

Whimsical elements

The Berkshires and whimsy go hand in hand. After all, the seemingly endless nature and art scene lend themselves well to the overall magical feel of the region. Finding a boutique accommodation like The Porches Inn that blends whimsy with modern amenities is one of the best ways to acclimate to the local scene.

Homage to North Adams history

While North Adams is now known for being home to local artists and The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), the town wasn’t always like this. Porches Inn pays homage to this history in its beautifully detailed 19th Century Victorian row houses inspired by the mill town that once thrived here.

Homey feel

A bed and breakfast in the Berkshires should invite you to relax. Say goodbye to sterile and bland hotel rooms and feel at home at The Porches Inn. Each room is decorated differently, almost all the decor is composed of curated, vintage pieces while also being retro-inspired with modern comforts that retain the homey, quirky spirit of the region.

Berkshires Dining & entertainment options

Of course, Berkshires inns are not complete without dining (namely breakfast) and surrounding entertainment options. The Porches Inn offers a continental breakfast for all guests to enjoy in the dining room along with our swanky little bar where you’ll find our comfy fireplace, a liquor bar stocked at all times, relaxing chairs. All the essentials that you need for good conversation with friends and other Porches’ guests. MASS MoCA, the famous art exhibition, is also conveniently located across the street.


Bed and breakfasts and unique accommodations are an integral part of the neighborhood. The Porches Inn takes pride in the history and growth of North Adams and always encourages guests to explore the surrounding areas and the restaurants, shops, and museums that call the Berkshires home.

Places to Stay in North Adams

Ready to stay in a unique, boutique accommodation in the Berkshires? Look no further than The Porches Inn located in historic North Adams.

The Porches Inn is the ideal place to call home base during your stay in the Berkshires, not only because it puts you right in the heart of the area’s cultural and recreational attractions, but also because of its charm. The unique inn experience is everything you want from a stay in the region, from the vintage decor to modern amenities, you will feel right at home at The Porches Inn on your next trip.

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